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Rune reader, Rune reading for the future, love and business| рунолог, гадание на рунах, рунические амулеты.

Rune reader

Rune reader, who is it? Let’s be honest. I won’t tell you any typical social hinge like that I’m fantastic and unique, that I’m a wizard in the fortieth generation.

My name is Alexey Glazachev.

I just know how to work with the runes and love doing it.

Everything in life happens for a reason.

If you are on this page, it is not random.

Rune reader

What I offer:

– Relationship rune reading

– Job rune reading

– Spiritual growth rune reading

– Love life rune reading

– Wealth and success in life rune reading

In life we constantly make choices. Sometimes we are facing a choice that affects us only a little: whether to drink black or green tea. And sometimes we are facing a choice that determines all our life, and sometimes not only ours.

Should I apply to this university or another? Should I work for this or that company? Should I carry on being in a relationship with this person or not? These choices are very serious. Our career, our love life, our health, our life as a whole – all depend upon our decisions. And the consequences of a wrong choice can be very, very serious. Starting with feeling down and ending with bitter regrets over the lost years, lost money and lost health.

And what should you do? Some people go through life without much thinking, making more and more mistakes and getting more and more disappointed. You too can make your own choice: close this page and face your problems alone. Or you can contact me to book a consultation right now!

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Or use the phone number. The same number for: WhatsApp, Telegram

+7 (903) 731-48-26

What is a runic consultation?
You ask me – in person or in written form – your questions, and I cast the runes. The runes are an ancient, sacred alphabet. They are signs that people have created more than 2,000 years ago. I put my hand the hand into the rune bag, take out the runes, and I interpret the result to you. So, in fact, a rune reader is translating from the language of the Universe into English.

What will happen after the runic consultation? You will have a clear picture of what happens if you decide to take a certain course of action. So, in our example from above, if you take this particular job, you can expect such and such, and if you decide to go out with that particular person, this is what they bring into your life.


Email consultation: 40 USD (≈ 2400 rubles)

1 hour of live consultation: 80 USD (≈ 4800 rubles)

My consultations:

Email / WhatsApp / Telegram consultation. Contact with any part of the planet! It is the most convenient way to have your runic consultation. All you need is formulate your questions and send them to me. I cast the runes for you and send you the answers.

email rune reading consultation whatsapp rune reading consultation telegram rune reading consultation


Hello, Alex! My name is Jessy. Here are my questions: 1. Should I continue to work for the company called The White Tiger? I have been working there for a year, but it seems it’s not the best option for me. 2. My colleague, Roger flirts with me a lot, but he is too pushy and it scares me sometimes. Should I give him a chance or not? 3. I love ceramics, and I enjoy it as a hobby. Sometimes I think I should start a pottery business, but I’m not sure. What are the prospects of this idea?


Alexandra Pavlyuk – film and stage actress, singer.

Александра Павлюк

Thank you Alexey for reading the runes for me! Like many, I was worried about the confusion and I could not find answers to the questions that troubled me. However, Alex, dispelled my doubts, helped to understand and very carefully, as well as the maximum available deciphered each alignment to a question. I will say even more, after the meeting, and perhaps it was she who pushed me, I decided to take more aggressive action, which led to remarkable results in the future. In conclusion, I can say that if you are worried or you can not decide something, I advise you to get acquainted with Alexei, who will help you to understand and find a way out of any situation!”

Best regards, Alexandra!

Brief about me:

1. My experience in rune reading is 5 years.

2. I’m using Swedish and Icelandic runic oracle systems.

3. Responding to your questions, I’ll tell you the truth, whatever it may be.

Safe payment.

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Well-formulated questions for the runes.

Attention! While formulating your question, you create an intention. If you ask a well-formulated question, you unlock the ability to influence your future in the right direction.

Good questions examples:

* What happens to that person?

* What are the true feelings of that person?

* What are the prospects of our relationship?

* What can I do to improve my private / professional life?

* Should I do something or not?

* Should I take a job offer (or decline)?

* How will the events unfold in this particular case?

Questions beginning with “When” and “How much” are not appropriate.

There may be may be several questions, on various topics, but preferably not more than 7 questions for 1 reading.

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сайт рунолога

Or use the phone number

+7 (903) 731-48-26

Question: What differentiates you from other professionals?


1. I’m rune reader. I work only with the runes. I do not work with tarot cards and I Ching (with all my respect to these systems). I think that the person can be a good expert in only one area.

Question: And what is the runes?

Answer: Runes – this ancient alphabet. About two thousand years ago, talented and intelligent people have created a unique closed system to describe the whole world, consisting of 24 elements. System, where each element is needed, and their combination is sufficient and complete to refer to any state and / or any action is possible in the world. This – the runes.

Question: Why are you doing this?

Answer: I love, I can.

Question: What’s the differences between runes and tarot cards?

Answer: There are 24 runes and 78 tarot cards. Therefore runes stiffer and more concrete system.

Waiting for you at the consultation!

Sincerely, Alexey Glazachev, rune reader.